American HC165

Asking Price:
Item Location: 10700 Bigge Ave. 94577
San Leandro
Seller Minisite: Bigge Equipment Co.
+1 (510) 639 4041
Fax: +1 (510) 877 3004
Model:American HC165
Year of Manufacturer: 2014

Description: Cap: 165' Boom: 150' Jib: 40' Engine: Cummins Winches: 2 Inventory Location: Houston, TX

Specifications relating to the ConstrucitonTradex 2014 American HC165 Crawler Crane for sale at Bigge Equipment Co. to be found in United States. Compare many used American HC165 Crawler Cranes with ConstructionTradex. To purchase this American HC165 Crawler Crane from Bigge Equipment Co., simply speak to Bigge Equipment Co. making use of our contact form higher up. Otherwise leaf through our entire database of Crawler Cranes made by American plus many extra makes brought to you by Bigge Equipment Co. in United States.

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