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ConstructionTradex has one of the largest online trading sites for new and used bulldozers for sale. Not only can you use our user-friendly search tool to find the dozer you need, you can also find the perfect bulldozer in your area. We have a huge range of reputable sellers to choose from, in location around the world. So whether you are in the UK (inc. Scotland, Wales & N.Ireland), Europe, the USA or Asia, we will have a seller in your area that can meet your requirements.
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Bulldozers are usually tracked, as opposed to wheeled, and is a tractor frame with a large plate or ‘blade’ mounted upon the front, and a large metal claw, or ‘ripper’, at the back. The bulldozer's ripper is used to loosen material that is tightly compacted, or break up surface rock. The blade can then be used to remove the broken up material. It can also be used to push material, for example construction debris or sand, when they are in large quantities.

Bulldozers for sale in UK

All types, models and variants of bulldozers for sale in UK are available on Constructiontradex, and can be used for a variety of jobs, including demolition and earth moving. They play a vital role in any construction or earthworks operation, able to lift and move vast amount of material, and help to disassemble or destroy concrete.
A bulldozer for sale today will have a blade that is controlled hydraulically rather than by the old cable winch system, as well as automated grade control technology. This makes he all-important task of grading that much easier, making their use essential to the quick and successful completion of these time consuming operations.

Used bulldozers

Used bulldozers will generally fall into two distinct blade-types: An ‘S’ blade is a straight blade, with no curve and no wings, which makes it unable to carry a large amount of material, but allows for very fine levels of grading, and a ‘U’ blade, which is bigger, as well as being curved and winged, which allows it a larger capacity for carrying material. In some cases, used bulldozers will be equipped with a combination of the two, an ‘S-U’ blade, which can carry out both functions in a slightly limited manner.

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