Caterpillar D6N WH XL

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Model:Caterpillar D6N WH XL
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engine size: 10.5 litreblade capacity: 3 m3blade size: 4084.32 mmblade capacity: 3.21111 m3
fuel capacity: 322 litreblade size: 3352.8 mmfuel capacity: 359.45 litreblade size: 3261.36 mm
gross power: 133.534 kWengine size: 8.06 litregross power: 112.5 kWengine size: 8.788 litre
ground clearance: 382 mmfuel capacity: 354.445 litremax speed: 6.2 mphfuel capacity: 359.45 litre
net power: 123.09 kWgross power: 93.75 kWnet power: 112.5 kWgross power: 112.5 kW
track width: 915 mmmax speed: 6.2 mphweight: 17649.9 kgmax speed: 6.3 mph
transport height: 3138 mmnet power: 93.75 kWwheelbase: 4084.32 mmnet power: 108.75 kW
transport length: 5176 mmweight: 13360.5 kgweight: 16473.15 kg
transport width: 3140 mmwheelbase: 3352.8 mmwheelbase: 3261.36 mm
weight: 16638.3 kg
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