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Concrete Equipment

Concrete equipment is one of the most essential types of equipment in the construction industry. Concrete is the most used man-made material in the world, with more than 1 cubic metre of concrete manufactured every year for each person on earth. The concrete industry employs more than 2 million workers in the US alone, and it is used for pavements, buildings, roads and motorways and bridges, among other things. It therefore stands to reason that there is a variety of equipment available which is necessary for the concrete industry, and here at ConstructionTradex we have compiled a catalogue of such concrete equipment for sale across the UK, Ireland and Europe.

Concrete equipment for sale in the UK

Concrete equipment for sale in the UK is varied, but perhaps the most fundamental and the most common is the concrete mixer, without which concrete cannot be used. Concrete is made when cement, a fine aggregate such as sand, and water are combined together. The best mixers offer both homogeneity, in terms of consistency, and speed, with regards to mixing times, and there different types of mixer available, all with their own strengths. The most common forms of mixer are drum mixers, vertical axis mixers and twin-shaft mixers.

Used concrete equipment

Used concrete equipment is popular for several reasons: there is an abundant need for concrete in the construction industry; used equipment represents a lesser outlay, and certain types of equipment may be very costly new. One type that falls into the latter category is the concrete mixer truck, which allows large amounts of concrete to be transported, and mixed in transit, so that it is ready to be used upon delivery.

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