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ConstructionTradex offers listings of new and used cranes from around the UK and beyond. We have a growing, dedicated network of sellers in Europe, Asia and America who are offering thousands of models in every category.

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Cranes come in many sub-categories, but in general terms they can be divided into mobile cranes and fixed cranes. Mobile cranes can refer to any crane that can be easily moved, whether with a load or without, but often means a crane vehicle. They operate using a boom with a hook suspended from it by sheaves and wires. The fixed crane refers to any crane that cannot be moved, and in fact whose base does not move; in order to move a fixed crane it will generally be necessary to disassemble it. The benefit of a fixed crane is a huge lifting power based on superior stability.

Cranes for sale in the UK

Cranes for sale in the UK are machines utilised for the purposes of lifting, and they come in many different forms and variants, each best suited to particular tasks or circumstances. Some examples of the different types of cranes for sale in the UK include: crawler cranes, truck-mounted cranes, side lift cranes, rail-road cranes, rough-terrain cranes, self-erecting cranes, aerial cranes and telescopic cranes. Mobile cranes are increasingly popular as they dispense with the need for trailers, or other forms of auxiliary transportation, which reduces cost.

Used Cranes

Used cranes are a viable option for many construction projects, for a variety of reasons, the primary one being that a crane represents a significant investment and so a reduction in the cost of acquisition can mean considerable savings. The stringent nature of the laws and regulations in the UK regarding the upkeep and maintenance of construction equipment also means that used cranes are in excellent condition, and offer a cost efficiency without compromising on productivity and performance.

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