Drilling Pile Driving Trenching

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Drilling Pile Driving Trenching

Drilling equipment is required for a number of purposes, and thus drilling rigs can range from huge structures used to drill oil wells or natural gas wells, or they can be smaller enterprises which sample mineral deposits below the surface, or to test soil and groundwater properties. They can be portable, such as the type used to create water wells, or they can be large and fixed, capable of drilling incredibly deep into the earth. They can be mounted upon trucks and trailers, and they can be off-shore; there really is a great variety of equipment.

Trenching equipment

Trenching equipment also comes in a variety of sizes and formats, depending upon the task. Trenches are generally required either for drainage purposes, or for the laying of electrical cable or pipes, often for utilities such as water and gas. Trenching equipment ranges from manually operated walk-behind trenchers, to huge vehicles equipped with continuous tracks.

Drilling equipment for sale

Drilling equipment for sale varies in the mechanisms that are used to bore into a surface, and these mechanisms are each suited to different depths of penetration. A common type of drilling equipment is the auger, which is helical screw which is penetrates the ground by rotating. In construction applications a solid flight auger is used, and often relatively small-scale auger drilling is performed by auger attachments to other vehicles, such as backhoe loaders.

Trenching equipment for sale

Trenching equipment for sale also differs in size and implementation, depending on the surface and on the required dimensions of the trench. Two common types of trenching equipment are wheel trenchers and chain trenchers: wheel trenchers use buckets which are affixed to a wheel, and as the wheel rotates the buckets scoop out material; chain trenchers use a chain that is propelled around a frame, much like a chainsaw.

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