Mining Equipment

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Mining Equipment

Our listings of mining equipment comes in all shapes and sizes, but perhaps one of the most important types is the crusher. A crusher is used to reduce large rocks into smaller chunks, or even dust, so that the valuable element contained within can be differentiated, sifted off, and separated. Crushers come in several categories, depending on their ability. Crushers are often split into ‘primary’ and ‘secondary’ crushers, which deal with the coarsest grades of material, and ‘tertiary’ and ‘quaternary’ crushers, which further reduce already crushed material. All of these are available in our extensive listings of mining equipment available across the UK and beyond.

Mining equipment for sale in the UK

Mining equipment for sale in the UK includes various types of crusher, and also another important piece of equipment, which works in conjunction with a crusher; the screening plant. The screening plant is the piece of equipment which allows the valuable element, the reason for the mining application, to be separated from the rock. Like crushers, screening plants a split into different categories depending on their use. These different types of screening plant include shaker screens, trammel screens, severe shake shaker screens, starscreeners and box screens. Filter your search to find the screening plant you need.

Used mining equipment

Used mining equipment is an attractive option because mining can be an expensive business, and purchasing used equipment is one method of controlling the expenditure in your operation. Reputable dealers will have had all of their equipment serviced before sale, and so for short-to-medium term operations, used equipment can be very cost effective. Here at ConstructionTradex we have catalogued a massive range of used mining equipment across the UK for your perusal. Look through our extensive listings for the piece of mining equipment you are looking for, from a dealer in your area.

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