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Motor Graders

Motor graders are vehicles with large blades situated between the front and rear axles, and its purpose is to create flat surfaces. A larger vehicle will ’rough grade’ the terrain, and then the grader will refine that process, and it is crucial for the building of roads. Constructiontradex has listings for many leading makes of Grader, including O&K, Komatsu and Caterpillar.

Motor graders for sale in the UK

Graders for sale in the UK have a variety of uses, including road-building, the construction of drainage ditches on either side of highways, and the creation of crucial dirt tracks on farms where the land is vast and comprised of either scrub or grass. Graders for sale in the UK are invaluable for precision grading work.

Used motor graders

Used motor graders are often used in conjunction with a bulldozer, fine grading after the bulldozer has roughly leveled the surface. In the building of roads, a motor grader is crucial as it prepares the base course, the structure of the road, ready for it to be filled in with asphalt. Used motor graders are a cost effective investment, and like any grader they also allow roads to be built with cant, which is crucial for roads that navigate along a curve. The cant is the difference in height between the edges, and in a curved road, the outer edge must be higher than the inner or vehicles will have to slow considerably to negotiate the curve.
Welcome to the Motor Grader portal at ConstructionTradex, the leading online marketplace for used Motor Graders and their accessories. There are hundreds available, and we work with a network of dealers that operate from locations around the world.

Our site is built to make the task of finding your next grader as easy as possible. You can browse by manufacturer, and we stock all the top names including Caterpillar, O&K, Champion and Volvo. Use our simple online search tool to find Motor Graders by make, model or year of manufacture.

If you can't quite find the model you want from our listings, use the links to the right to get in touch with our buyer support team. Provide your requirements and we will match your needs to one of our network of trusted sellers who can provide the Motor Grader you want.
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At ConstructionTradex, we work with a vast network of trusted sellers in UK and beyond. We have hundreds of listing of Motor Graders available across Europe, Asia and America.

If you're looking for a grader in the UK, then look no further. We have listings of used graders from sellers across many parts of England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. Whether you're in Northumberland or Norwich, Greater London or Grimsby, we can help you find the grader you need in a location to suit you.

If using our online search tool doesn't give you the results you want, get in touch with our support team who will match your requirements to sellers to your area.

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