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JCB backhoe loaders, the backbone of the work site.

JCB 3cx at work

JCB 3cx at work

We all know the backhoe loader, mainly because their versatility and utility has made them so visible. Common and garden variety construction projects such as small home building and road repair, or pipe-relaying, rely on the backhoe loader. What is more, we all know the JCB backhoe loader in the UK, as is the case all over the world, as JCB is the original backhoe loader; invented, designed, manufactured and finally sold by Joseph Bamford himself in 1953. What makes new or used JCB diggers so useful is the conjunction of the many auxiliary attachments that can be utilised, therefore increasing the range of task deployments, and its size and manoeuvrability. Not only can the JCB backhoe loader perform numerous tasks, but it is able to go where larger machinery would simply not be viable. The JCB backhoe loaders for sale at Constructiontradex are all classics of the JCB model; minimal downtime, robust design and superb effectiveness, but with all the modern accoutrements. Whether new or used JCB backhoe loaders, you can be sure that you are receiving first class machinery that has been tried and tested over the years, and yet has resisted complacency, improving and honing with the cutting edge of technological design.

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