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JCB rollers: The Vibromax series

JCB roller of the Vibromax series

JCB roller of the Vibromax series

For a soil compaction job, a used JCB roller is the perfect tool. At constructiontradex, we have JCB rollers for sale which are part of the JCB Vibromax VM series; truly the cutting edge of compaction technology. I’m going to focus upon the JCB Vibromax VM115D, which is an excellent exemplar of the range of features which JCB rollers in the UK are known for. To begin with, it is powered by a high-performance diesel engine, which is water cooled for optimum effectiveness. The wheels and the drum are propelled hydrostatically, utilising the power of pressurised fluids once more. All new or used JCB rollers of the VM series come equipped with a unique SASS-system, which is comprised of advanced anti-slip technology and allows JCB rollers to negotiate even steep gradients with ease and security. The dual weight on a single-shaft maximises the compaction process, and the frame is designed to oscillate from the front backwards, markedly increasing stability and safety. JCB rollers in the UK are used for a variety of tasks, and the Vibromax VM series is a match for any of them. New, or used, JCB rollers provide compaction satisfaction.

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