Schmersal Aid Crane Control System 07/08/2000

Liebherr-system buses, designed by component supplier Schmersal, have been installed in all Lierbherr mobile cranes since 1998. The cranes are only equipped with this if it has a load capacity of 35 to 500 tonnes.

Manufacturers and suppliers who are in the automotive industry often work closely together. They combine their knowledge together during the design process and the manufacturing of new models and products. After having noticed this trend within the automotive industry, other industries have accepted the advantages to the companies when partnerships form with system suppliers and manufacturers. An effective example in the technology industry has been made through the partnership between Liebherr, a mobile crane manufacturer, and Schmersal, a company specialising in man-machines safety systems.

Liebherr-Werke Ehinden Ltd are established the use of data bus technology that is used on mobile cranes. The data bus technology, also known as the ‘Liebherr-system bus’ (LSB) has been installed into all new mobile cranes with load capacities of 35 to 500 tonnes since 1998. They are all used for data transfer. They also provide crucial bus-capable components for the cranes. The design of the bus system was provided Schmersal.

Great advantages are provided for Liebherr by data bus technology . For example 6km of cable and 1000 plug in connections can be reduced to one single cable that measures 250m. This cable os needed by a crane to connect electronice components. By reducing the size of this cable the machines reliability levels increase along with the diagnostic capability. This is due to the fact that more data can be sent through and can then be evaluated.

Microprocessors are provided with any vital electrical and electric components. An example of the advantages of this is the lifting end switch. This will prevent the contilever head from being hit by the crane hook whilst lifting a load. It also feeds the cable when the contilever is moved out.

An electronice lifting end switch produced by Schmersal which comes with an LSB interface is used in highly important processes, such as the one above. The switch has been designed in order for it to be able to be a self testing product. This means that it is able to control any functions. It can also identify any irregularities that occur during operations. If any are detected an alarm will signal to show that a problem has been detected.

The positioning of the fixing of the telescopic parts is monitored by sensors that are installed inside the cantilever monitor. Non-contract proximity switches are used for this. They give up to 16 switching positions. These are used for diagnostics in the safety circuit. This is a system which is usually controlled with technical measuring equipment. I/O modules are used for communication between the major central control unit and the sensors and actuators. These perform and act as the nuclear unit for the LSB data bus and de-central control. These modules are products of Schmersal. They have been designed to control the steering (as the operator can steer the crane in the ‘drive-by-wire’ mode). It can also control the motor and the operation of the supports.

These modules and other products have been designed for a design co-operation in particular. The design co-operation will be a result of an individual system solution. This brings many advantages to the company who buy the products and for the crane operator.

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