New Volvo Loader To Be More Fuel Efficient 31/03/2008

The L220F Volvo loader has promised to provide fuel savings of up to 10%. The Volvo loader is also expected to provide improved performance. It has been suggested that this hybrid Volvo loader will begin production next year and has a 50kW starter generator.

When sitting relatively idle, the Volvo loader recharges its own batteries. In addition, the Volvo loader offers a great level of functionality in that when extra power is required the motor promises to deliver an extra 50kW of power. When used in the Volvo loader, this extra power can start the machine from an idle state.

It has also been reported that the L220F Volvo loader can spend up to 40% of its time in an idle state and that the hybrid system of the Volvo loader allows for the engine to be turned off with no power. After this the Volvo loader can still be immediately restarted so as to work at working speed, as powered by the starter generator. With this in mind, it can be suggested that the engine life of the Volvo loader is prolonged, and costs are saved on providing fuel for the Volvo loader.

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