Caterpillar Bulldozers Popular Overseas? 30/03/2008

Although in the United States, Caterpillar bulldozers may not have experienced an abundance of sales in 2007, potentially due to a slow-down in the economy of the United States, it can be claimed that popularity of Caterpillar bulldozers is rising elsewhere.

This is epitomised by the actual sales of Caterpillar equipment, including Caterpillar bulldozers in 2007 with profits of over $12 billion. Predominantly, it has been claimed that the sales were mainly linked to the sales of Caterpillar equipment, including Caterpillar bulldozers abroad.

The attention paid to the overseas markets for Caterpillar equipment, including Caterpillar bulldozers, clearly has paid off for the leading construction and agricultural machinery and equipment manufacturer who are not alone in this international focus. Due to the rapidly expanding economies of countries such as India and China, construction equipment such as Caterpillar bulldozers, is subject to growing popularity. This may be due to increased affluence, in addition to governmental schemes to perhaps improve infrastructure and transport links which evidently would require a range of construction equipment, including Caterpillar bulldozers. Developing countries such as Brazil and Argentina are looking set to emphasise their agricultural industry and consequently they may require greater levels of equipment, including potentially Caterpillar bulldozers.

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