Volvo Dump Trucks 06/03/2008

The US Air Force has taken on a fleet of hybrid Volvo dump trucks to help with support missions of its high performance aircraft. The prototype diesel-electric Volvo dump trucks could be in commercial production by 2009. The US Air Force which says the trucks are easy to drive will be using the advanced diesel-electric hybrid systems in active duty in the war. The dump trucks in use were developed by Volvo Powertrain North America and Mack Trucks are both Granite dumpers. Other hybrid vehicle projects underway by the Swedish Volvo Group are the development of six heavy tankers used for refuelling aircraft, which are under evaluation, and two LE trash-collection trucks, as well as another Granite dump truck. The technology which required extensive engineering, looks to be on offer in commercial trucks and Volvo dump trucks by 2009, according to Volvo. The hybrid system means fuel costs can be reduced by up to 35 percent, offsetting the extra costs of the hybrid system. brBr
Volvo North America designed the system to use an 11 liter MP7 diesel engine, an automatic clutch, a liquid cooled electric motor that doubles as a generator, an automated mechanical transmission and highly specialized electronic control systems. The hybrid system works so that the Volvo dump truck is started using either electric energy only, diesel or both, although the diesel is used for most fo the acceleration work and for cruising. The motor is used in operation to launch the truck from standstill then when braking is used as a generator to covert the trucks inertia to alternating current. This current is then turned into direct current and strored in a bank of ultracapacitors which is then converted back to AC to spin the motor when the vehicle moves out from a start.

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