How To Inspect The Interior And Operation Of A Used Excavator 05/03/2008

Excavators are a huge investment for any company and its easy to see why a used excavator can be an attractive option. So if you have already weighed up the option of buying an excavator for less than 25% to 50% than the retail price against repairs, life span etc. Then here is a brief list of exterior parts to inspect and details to consider for used excavators.brbr
The most important things to inspect on a used excavator are the performance and operation of the vehicle. br
Test Drive-This of course is the crucial moment, starting up the engine and asking for the demonstration of the bucket, stick and boom. This is when you look for slackness, which can mean the bushings need replacing. While the demonstration is in operation check the hydraulic cylinders and tubes for leakage or scratches on the chrome surface of the cylinder. Leaks can mean a contaminated hydraulic system. The cylinders should not be bent or damage, if this is the case it can mean a lot of wear and tear to the tubes and cylinders. br
Track Performances- This can be done by driving the excavator a short distance to check the tracks are running in a straight line this will tell you if the drive motor is working well. The machine should be tilted with the bucket and time the turnings of the track over certain time, and then do the same with the other track. They should both have the same amount of rotation if not it means the drive motors are acting improperly. br
Swing System-This means that the gears and bearings should be checked. The system should be able to stop and start easily and without jerky or lurching movements. The cab should be able to rotate with little or no heaviness or deflection. Check the swing in the both clockwise and counter clockwise direction.

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