Excavator Removed From River 24/02/2008

An excavator ploughed into the Sugar River in New Hampshire in the USA last week. The excavator had been sent to assist in the removal of a skidder, which had already fallen into the river. The operator of the skidder was still on board when it became submerged in the river, though the driver was able to leave the incident with minor injuries.brbr

The excavator has been removed by the largest crane in North Hampshire, and the whole removal procedure of the excavator took no longer than 15 minutes in total.brbr

The excavator had been sent to assist in the removal of the skidder from the river, but in fact landed on the skidder during the removal operation. The large excavator weighed approximately 73,000 pounds. Despite the best efforts of construction company workers who witnessed the scene they could not remove the excavator and were forced to contact a number of crane companies to assist in the removal of the excavator. It has been reported that in total, the whole operation cost $10,000.brbr

Preparation for the removal of the excavator was no light task, with the crane requiring a crane pad, as well as stabilisation from three tractor trailers. In total the tractor trailers carried approximately 157,000 pounds of counterweights to stabilise the crane because of the weight of the excavator.

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