New York Ops Certified For 30 Years, Despite Failing Exams 09/11/2007

It has been announced by New Yorks, USA labour commissioner M Patricia Smith that certificated for 129 crane operators are to be suspended due to problems that have been recently uncovered involving the state’s certificate programme. It has been reported that there has been underlying problems with the programmer for nearly 30 years.BrBr
According to A New York department of labour press release between 1972 and 2000 certificates have been rewarded to crane operators who have not even past the practical exam which is required to gain a certificate. “This is a public safety issue,” said Smith. “As of today, these crane operators are not certified to operate a crane in New York State. We are urging them to retake the practical exam or their licenses will be revoked.”brBr
In May 2007 an investigation was carried out on the New York’s crane certification scheme after complaints had been made. State inspector general Kristine Hamann said, “It is absolutely essential that the public feel safe and certain that New York State is licensing only qualified workers. My office is continuing to examine crane operator’s certification, and we welcome any relevant information.”
Five of the crane operators have been suspended and had been involved in accident. However it has been reported that only one of these accidents was due to an error made on behalf of the operator and that the rest were through faults of the machinery.
3,000 operators will have their certificates reviewed by the Labour Department. After an investigation carried out into only 1000 certificates it is strongly thought by the department that more suspensions are likely.BrBr
New exams are being drawn up and will have to be taken by all suspended crane operators. These exams are expected to be taken next month. A warning has been given to the crane operators by the department that if they do not contact the department by November 16th, If this date is exceeded it may result in the operators having their certificates taken away completely.

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