Metallurgical Crane Ordered By Valuable Metals Plant 31/10/2006

A contract has been won by Konecranes UK that enables them to supply Umicore; a precious metals refiner in Belgium. This crane is an A8/M8 duty, 25/15 tonne, 17m span LV double girder crane. Being a world class leader, Umincore Precious Metals Refining is renowned for the quality of the products it produces and its technologies. Along with these qualities it is also appreciated because of it’s quality of it’s outperforming services.brBr

The new crane which will be supplied by Koncranes UK will be rated for A8/M8 duty. This means that it will be used for lifting ladles for lifting molten metal. The crane will have to endure laborious duties, which will mean the crane will have to have open laid out winches on both hoists.brbr
Made up as a two part unit means that the upper trolley can rotate through 270 deg. This allows the supporting hoist to be placed on either side of the main hoist. This provides ease when tipping the ladle which is more suitable for different locations in the cast house area. Due to the crane being controlled by a remote radio all cables and culices have been designed to suit the temperatures, at which the crane will have to be used in.brBr
A Konecranes DynAHoist inverter control is provided with each hoist. The cross and the long travel will operate with Koneranes DynAC inverter control.BrBr
On all floodlights, access lights and emergency escape lights there will be a platform.Brbr
The ControlPro that is Konecranes own monitoring system will provide protection against heavy weights and will also allow planning to be carried out for issues such as maintenance downtime. The system also allows plotting and analysis of the crane’s performance throughout it’s expected lifetime. BrBrDual hoist brakes, load summation between hoists and twin rope reeving etc are safety qualities that are included into the design of the crane. As well as the bespoke Konecranes LV open winch trolley, a variety of smaller cranes are to be supplied from the sister company to Konecranes – Konecranes BV located in the Netherlands. BrBrCosting EUR 450,000, the contract will be delivered to Belgium in March 2007.

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