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New Products Announced By Jcb 25/03/2008
It has been announced that alongside the manufacture of JCB backhoe loaders, that there is a range of new products from the leading brand, JCB, set for release.

At the ConExpo 2008, which takes place every three years, JCB utilised this opportunity to show case their latest releases of machinery models. Alongside exhibiting JCB excavators, JCB showed off around 20 new products at the ConExpo. Reportedly, this means that the leading manufacturer of JCB backhoe loaders now has an immen...

Jcb Backhoes In Dancing Displays 23/03/2008
The ConExpo 2008 was deemed a great success, and it would appear that the JCB Dancing Diggers display, which utilised (among other machinery types) a range of yellow JCB backhoe loaders to complete a variety of well choreographed moves to complete the dance display.

The JCB backhoe loaders employed in the display were driven by a touring team of stunt drivers. Arguably stealing the show, the JCB backhoe loaders danced in unison, and were accompanied by loud rock music.


Case Backhoe Loaders In Fundraising Event 21/03/2008
In connection with ConExpo, a large construction industry exhibition which takes place every three years in Las Vegas, the North American Case Rodeo Championship takes place. The event also assists in raising money for Habitat for Humanity, a charity which looks to eliminate poverty housing.

Fundraising by Case Construction Equipment began in 2007, and began the 50th anniversary celebration of the Case loader and Case backhoe loader. Case prides itself as being initially the first ma...

Case Backhoe Loader Celebration 21/03/2008
Case Construction Equipment recently celebrated the 50th anniversary of the release of their first Case backhoe loader.

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the release of the first Case backhoe loader, Case Construction Equipment held contests in Case backhoe loader related tasks.

Four dealers of Case backhoe loaders won prizes for selling the largest total of Case backhoe loaders in their specific region in 2007. The other winners in the Case backhoe loader anniversary...

Caterpillar Displays 60 Machines, Including Caterpillar Backhoe Loaders 13/03/2008
It has been reported that Caterpillar, the leading manufacturer of agricultural and construction machinery was to display over 60 machines, including Caterpillar backhoe loaders at the Samoter 2008, an exhibition of specific industry fare which takes place in Verona in Italy. As well as Caterpillar backhoe loaders, the exhibition was set to display a range of other Caterpillar models, including Caterpillar skid-steer loaders, Caterpillar multi-terrain loaders, Caterpillar wheel loaders, Caterpil...

New Generation Of Komatsu Backhoe Loaders Released 12/03/2008
It has been reported that a new range of Komatsu backhoe loaders have been released. These new Komatsu backhoe loaders can be viewed as representative of a new generation of backhoe loader in that they provide an operating range of up to 18,740 lbs. The large loader bucket of the Komatsu backhoe loader provides a reliable, productive and easy to service Komatsu backhoe loader.

The WB146-5 Komatsu backhoe loader features a heavy duty one piece welded mainframe which offers exceptional...

Komatsu Set For High Profits 11/03/2008
It has been reported that it looks likely that Komatsu, the manufacturer of Komatsu backhoe loaders, will be expecting a higher level of sales and profit for the forthcoming financial year. The company, which is responsible for the manufacture of Komatsu backhoe loaders, is accredited with being the worlds number 2 in manufacturing earth-moving equipment.

In addition to the rise in sales of Komatsu equipment, including Komatsu backhoe loaders, it looks possible that Komatsu will bene...

Backhoe Loader Used To Tear Down Burnt Home 11/03/2008
A family in the Reidsville area of the USA have suffered emotional distress after their house was burned down. The extent of the damage to the house has meant that it is necessary for the house to be entirely demolished, and it is set to have its walls torn down with a backhoe loader.

The couple who dwelled in the house were in their living room when a van approached the house, and the driver advised the couple that there house was in fact on fire. The fire which led to the utilisati...

Samoter 2008 Sees Caterpillar Backhoe Loader Display 11/03/2008
The Samoter 2008 exhibition is taking place in Verona, in Italy, and looks set to feature the leading construction equipment and machinery manufacturer, Caterpillar, who will exhibit a range of products, including their backhoe loaders.

Caterpillar will be exhibiting their backhoe loaders under the theme of ‘Your Success, Our Commitment’ and will have a large quantity of floor space in which to exhibit their wares, including backhoe loaders and tractors. Aside from backhoe loaders, Ca...

Trapped Students Saved By Backhoe Loader 01/03/2008
A father and son duo stepped in front of the face of danger to rescue trapped students from a collapsed school by using a backhoe loader. The incident occurred in Tennessee, when the Union University of Jackson collapsed in places after a tornado hit the country on the 5th of February 2008.

The men who operated the heavy machinery, including a backhoe loader have since been reported to have witnessed fire-fighters and other rescue workers digging away with their hands at the collapse...

Iowa Implements Backhoe Loaders To Clear Ice 26/02/2008
City workers in Iowa are under pressure to clear ice on the streets. The streets have become icy after storm drains froze over. A leader of the city of Waterloo in Iowa has already implemented four crews of people working on backhoe loaders to clear the ice, with an important consideration being that the backhoe loaders clear the ice before the storm drains re-freeze.

It has been suggested that as the ice is so thick, backhoe loaders are the only tool sufficient to get through the s...

Backhoe Operator Dies After Falling Through Ice 02/02/2008
A backhoe operator has dies in Wisconsin after his backhoe loader fell through ice at a sand and gravel pit into approximately 12 feet of water. Despite the backhoe loader operator being transported by helicopter to a local hospital, he was sadly pronounced dead.

Before the accident involving the backhoe loader occurred, the operator of the backhoe loader had been attempting to shift a crane which had become frozen into the ground. Allegedly, the accident occurred when the backhoe op...

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