Tadano Cranes Feature At Interior And Buildex 2008 17/03/2008
It has been reported that the Interior & Buildex exhibition in 2008 will feature Tadano cranes. The international exhibition which looks set to feature Todano cranes will occur at the Oman International Centre.

It has been reported that the Interior & Buildex exhibition which looks set to feature Tadano cranes will be sponsored by Al Hashar & Co. The company is responsible for the manufacture of the automobile division of the Al Hashar Group.

The company, Al Hashar & Co. ...

Liebherr Cranes Impress With New Products 17/03/2008
Liebherr cranes have for a while, enjoyed their position as one of the leading manufacturers of cranes within the building and construction industry.

In their position as an exhibitor at the Conexpo 2008, Liebherr released statistics which claimed they had seen sales of a variety of Liebherr crane models. These included the manufacture by Liebherr Cranes of 2300 tower cranes, as well as a large quantity of crawler loaders.

It has been reported that Liebherr cranes as a co...

New Anti Collision System Implemented On Potain Crane 17/03/2008
It has been reported that a new innovative anti collision crane system has been implemented in a number of cranes including Potain cranes. Atlas Electrical technologies Services are reportedly a leading crane servicing company in Australia, and have ostensibly been involved in a number of technological development regarding cranes, including Potain cranes. Such projects have see the implementation of fail safe anti collision systems for trains, and have been used as technological benefits of Pot...

Potain Crane To Be Rigged 17/03/2008
It has been reported that LJ Companies of Rhode Island are set to rig a Potain MR605B crane in Providence.

Because of the congested city setting of the task in hand, a Potain crane may provide the perfect choice as it does not implement a swinging hammerhead, or flat top crane. This is particularly useful as the use of such craned may in fact create issues surrounding obstacles or even issues over air rights. The Potain crane which is set to be rigged in Providence is a MR605B Potain...

Liebherr Puts On A Show At 2008 Conexpo 10/03/2008
Liebherr Cranes have excelled themselves at the 2008 Conexpo Building and Construction Exhibition of 2008. Liebherr Cranes have provided a stand of over 25 exhibits, including Liebherr cranes, Liebherr excavators, Liebherr loaders, Liebherr dozers, Liebherr crawlers, Liebherr crawler loaders, Liebherr drilling machines as well as Liebherr crawler cranes and Liebherr tower cranes. Products from the Liebherr concrete mixing range were also on display at the Conexpo Liebherr exhibit.


Boom Logistics Acquires Some Tadano Cranes 07/03/2008
October 2007 saw the Australian mobile crane provider, Boom Logistics Ltd., acquire the James Group, which consequently led the company to acquire the distribution rights in Australia to sell Tadano cranes.

It can be claimed that the acquisition of the James Group, and as a result, to a certain level the rights to distribute Tadano cranes, will arguably help the company by assisting in solving the problems experience by boom Logistics Ltd. in sourcing new equipment. Their distributio...

Mobile Cranes Prolific In Dubai 03/03/2008
It has been reported that up to 20% of the world’s construction cranes operate in Dubai. This ostensibly will include a number of models, including mobile cranes.

Dubai, in relation to construction, is a booming industry, and it is of little surprise that so many mobile cranes, as well as other crane models are operating in Dubai. The cranes and mobile cranes within the locale are being implemented so as to assist in the construction projects of luxury hotels, office skyscrapers, as w...

Mobile Crane To Be Fixed With Austrian Part 01/03/2008
A mobile crane in the port authority of Guam in the US has broken. Originally, it was claimed that the mobile crane was bought by the U.S. Department of Agriculture with a grant of approximately four million dollars. This has however, reportedly been contested, as it has also been suggested that as this grant was allegedly intended for a new gantry. It has been reported that one of the 56 wheels of the mobile crane became broken, thus rendering it immobile. It has been reported that the mobile ...

Mobile Cranes Used In Tyneside Harbour 01/03/2008
Two mobile cranes have been used in Newcastle to assist in supplementing the burgeoning coal trade attributed to the Port of Tyne. Traditionally and before the implementation of cranes, Newcastle has had some associations with the coal trade. In addition to the purchase of the mobile cranes there has been an economic investment programme of around £100 million in the Port of Tyne.

The business plan is set for the duration of a decade, and the purchase of two mobile cranes in 2007 is ...

Botany Cranes And Forklifts Offer Mobile Crane Hire 01/03/2008
If you are a US customer searching for mobile crane hire, Botany Cranes & Forklift Services may be your answer. Botany Cranes & Forklift Services offer mobile crane hire services in the Botany area of Australia, as well as on the other parts of Sydney.

Botany Cranes & Forklift services claim that the first and paramount consideration in their business is the health and safety of their customers. The company claim with regards to their hire of mobile cranes that mobile cranes are regu...

Mobile Crane Destroys House 01/03/2008
A mobile crane in Broadstairs, Kent has collapsed, demolishing a new build house. The mobile crane toppled over onto the house, with the cab falling onto its side. Once the mobile crane had fallen on its side, the arm of the mobile crane went through the roof of the house. The arm of the mobile crane was left hanging over the road.

The operator of the mobile crane was not injured, but it has been reported that the mobile crane operator was treated for shock. To remove the mobile cra...

Health And Safety Executive Warns About Mobile Crane Safety 22/01/2008
January 2008 sees a warning from the British Health and Safety executive surrounding the implementation of mobile cranes. Employers are being told that safe installation systems are integral when installing mobile cranes to avoid dangerous situations and accidents.

It should be noted that this is not a warning restricted to British workplaces utilising mobile cranes. For example, the death of a young mobile crane operator in South Vancouver in Canada has seen a push for mobile crane ce...

Mobile Cranes In Florida Help Offload Two 5000,000 Pound Generators 21/01/2008
Two mobile cranes in Florida have ensured the smooth transition of two 500,000 generators, particularly impressive considering the move was completed by the mobile cranes from water to land. The cranes belonged to a mobile crane rental corporation based in Orlando, Florida. Although the company does not hold mobile cranes for sale, it owns a large fleet of mobile cranes and crawler crane available for rental purposes. The task reportedly took a day to complete, and demonstrates that the mobile c...

Modest Beginnings Of Indian Ace Mobile Crane Company 21/01/2008
Indian mobile crane company, Action Construction Equipment deals with a variety of construction technology. The humble beginnings of their recent management addition imply a passionate interest in construction technology, including, for example, tower and mobile cranes.
br> Recently, ACE has begun sourcing tower and mobile cranes from the company, Zoomlion, who typically deal with high end technology. The company successfully deals in mobile cranes, and has operating dealerships in Dubai, t...

Plan To Certify A Mobile Crane Operator In British Columbia Sees Partnership Of Association 16/01/2008
Currently mobile crane operators in British Columbia are not required to have any relevant certification or qualifications to utilise mobile cranes in the workplace.

There have been plans to introduce a certification program of mobile crane operators, to champion health and safety issues surrounding mobile crane use and also to alleviate the number of potential dangers and risks related to the use of mobile crane operation. Recently, a young mobile crane operator was killed in South Va...

Tackling The Alleged Shortage Of Mobile Cranes In South Western Usa 01/01/2008
It can be suggested that there is a shortage of cranes in the Southern California area, as well as across the south west region of the USA.

A new company, ‘Continental Crane’, is set to combat this shortage with the implementation of a business which offers tower cranes, crawler cranes and mobile cranes for sale. Additionally, certain models of the large fleet of ‘Continental Crane’ will be available for rent. The company is said to be of the receiving end of a regular monthly influx o...

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