Mercedes Benz Dump Trucks Sales Contribute To Revenue 27/03/2008
Mercedes Benz is a leading vehicle manufacturer, known predominantly for the manufacture of luxury vehicles, but in addition, the company also manufacture a range of trucks, including Mercedes Benz dump trucks.

It has been reported that in relation to the overall sales of the company in South Africa, revenue can be attributed to the sales of Mercedes Benz dump trucks. Sales of Mercedes Benz dump trucks may be set to rise in that there is a strong demand in South Africa, and Africa, ...

Volvo Dump Truck Displayed At Wirec 2008 26/03/2008
The WIREC, the Washington International Renewable Energy Conference in 2008 in Washington DC saw the display of a number of dump trucks, including a Volvo dump truck. Overall, Volvo displayed seven Volvo dump trucks. Seven trucks were displayed which operate on seven renewable fuels. These include bio-gas, hydrogen and bio-diesel. The goal of Volvo, the manufacturer behind Volvo dump trucks, is to make trucks which are carbon-dioxide neutral, it has been claimed.

The conference was...

Caterpillar Dump Truck The Largest In The World? 26/03/2008
It has been claimed that the largest dump truck in the world is the 797B Caterpillar dump truck. The 797 B Caterpillar dump truck has been used mainly in open pit mining. The 797 B Caterpillar dump truck has a load capacity which is reported to weigh in at approximately 380 tonnes.

The 797 B Caterpillar dump truck is powered by an engine which creates over three and a half thousand horsepower. The Caterpillar dump truck in question implemented a turbocharged diesel engine. The diesel...

Caterpillar Dump Trucks In The Amazon 26/03/2008
It has been reported that Caterpillar dump trucks are being utilised within the Amazon jungle. It has been claimed that the managers of the worlds largest ore miner have encouraged the hiring of females to drive the large Caterpillar dump trucks, as they believe that female drivers are easier of the tyres of the large Caterpillar dump trucks. The Caterpillar dump trucks in question are Caterpillar dump trucks which reportedly weigh up to 190 tonnes. These Caterpillar dump trucks are utilised so ...

New Volvo Dump Truck Heads To The Uk 25/03/2008
One of the latest Volvo dump trucks to be released is the A25E ADT Volvo dump truck. The relatively new model of Volvo dump truck has been delivered to Ward Dumptruck Hire of Selby. The company, based in North Yorkshire, is the first place to take delivery of the new Volvo dump truck in the UK. More units of the A25E ADT Volvo dump truck have also been put on order.

The A25E Volvo dump truck employs a 9 litre 227 kW Stage IIIa engine. In addition the A25E Volvo dump truck features al...

India Set To Purchase Belarusian Dump Trucks And Mining Equipment 22/01/2008
There looks set to be increased trade between the nations of India and Belarus, with the countries already exchanging trade, predominantly in fertilizers. However, India’s ever-increasing role in the coal mining industry encourages the notion that they will begin to seek to trade with Belarus in equipment associated with the coal mining industry. For example, such equipment will include used trucks, dump trucks, heavy duty tyres and other such mining equipment and machinery. In addition, the p...

Dump Trucks Configured For A Variety Of Construction Needs 22/01/2008
Aside from the standard dump truck, consisting of a main chassis with an attached dump body, there are numerous varieties of dump truck, each constructed with different construction needs in mind.

Dump trucks are predominantly used for transporting loose construction material, and have a hydraulically charged dump truck body to allow, when in use, its contents to be deposited to the ground.

In the United Kingdom, dump trucks are often referred to as tippers and, unlike their ...

Two Dump Trucks Collide In New Jersey, Usa 19/01/2008
Two dump trucks have been involved in a collision in New Jersey, causing closure of the local road, Route 508 for a number of hours. One of the dump trucks overturned, and while the other dump truck did not, both drivers of the dump trucks were required to visit hospital in nearby Newark. The driver of one of the dump trucks allegedly committed an illegal u-turn on the main road to visit a food vending stand. However, before the manoeuvre could be completed, the driver of the dump truck collid...

Dump Trucks Integral In London Reconstruction For The 2012 Olympics 18/01/2008
With the London 2012 Olympic Games fast approaching, it can be suggested that the Olympic Park area of Stratford is under immense change, causing people to be practically outnumbered by construction vehicles such as tippers and dump trucks.

Much work is required on the site to prepare it for the Olympic Games in 2012, as, it can be suggested, currently resembles a waste ground, as an arm of construction workers, armed with vehicles such as cranes and dump trucks, attempt to turn the la...

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