Hitachi Excavators To Raise Equipment Prices 18/03/2008
It has been reported that Hitachi Construction Machinery Co. are set to increase the price of Hitachi equipment.Giant Hitachi excavators dominate the statistics of the manufacture of giant excavators on a global scale.

Hitachi excavators, which are manufactured by the Hitachi Construction Machinery Co. have claimed that the average price of all construction machinery sold in Japan, including Hitachi excavators will be potentially subject to a 5 per cent and 10 per cent price increase...

Komatsu Ltd. To Increase Japanese Prices 18/03/2008
It has been reported that Komatsu Ltd., the manufacturer of Komatsu excavators will raise prices of their equipment and machinery, including Komatsu excavators.

Prices of Komatsu excavators look set to increase, reportedly because of increasing steel costs which are affecting the Japanese industry. Similarly Hitachi Construction Company has also considered making this move which has affected Komatsu excavators; to increase the prices on Hitachi excavators and other related equipment....

Universal Wrecking Corp. Completed Technical Interior And Exterior Demolition Project 17/03/2008
It has been reported that a Caterpillar excavator has been used in the demolition of a farm in Brick, New Jersey. Universal Wrecking Corporation re a building demolition contactor in the USA. After completing the interior demolition of the farm which was being demolished, the corporation utilised a Caterpillar excavator with a shear and grapple attachment to demolish the outside tank of the farm. By using skid steers with demolition buckets attached, debris and metal were separated by material i...

Volvo To Take On Hitachi Excavators In Russia 16/03/2008
It has been reported that Volvo is planning to put itself into competition with Hitachi excavators as it looks set to establish am assembly plant of Volvo excavators in Kaluga, Russia. Currently, the Russian excavator market is dominated by Hitachi excavators, which occupies up to 40 per cent of the Russian market. Volvo reportedly sold over 400 excavators in Russia in 2007. It has been estimated that the Russian excavator market as a whole is worth around 500 million Euro.

The plans...

Russia Sees Manufacture Of Caterpillar Excavators 13/03/2008
It has been reported that leading construction equipment manufacturer, Caterpillar is set to begin the establishment of a manufacturing plant of Caterpillar excavators in the Leningrad region of Russia.

It has been reported that the cost of the plant which will manufacture Caterpillar excavators is around $20 million.

This may be a wise move for Caterpillar excavators as Russia is currently experiencing an increase in the need for excavators, and consequently sales of Cat...

Liebherr Expands Alliance To Immersive Technologies. 10/03/2008
It has been reported that Liebherr will be expanding its licensing and technical information with Immersive Technologies. The company immersive technologies work to hold exclusive licensing and technical information regarding a number of companies and products. Companies which are part of this alliance include Caterpillar Inc, Hitachi Construction equipment Ltd., as well as the manufacturer of Komatsu excavators; Komatsu Ltd.

It has been reported that Liebherr intend to work with Imm...

Caterpillar Excavator Manufacturer To Meet Tier 4 Emission Requirements 10/03/2008
It has been reported that the manufacturer of Caterpillar excavators, Caterpillar Inc, is looking to meet Tier 4 emissions requirements. With this in mind, should this technology be put into play, Caterpillar excavators may be even more popular among those looking to purchase a Caterpillar excavator, especially if they have green issues close to their heart.

Caterpillar Inc., the manufacturer of Caterpillar excavators have been reported to have suggested that Tier 4 emissions require...

Caterpillar To Raise Japanese Stakes 07/03/2008
It has been reported that leading manufacturer of Caterpillar Excavators and other construction machinery, Caterpillar are looking to spend around $580 million to obtain a majority stake in Japan.

Caterpillar excavators are produced by Caterpillar Inc, and the company looks set to take majority control of its stake in its Japanese joint venture, namely referred to as Shin Caterpillar Mitsubishi. The payment to the company will ensure that the manufacturer of Caterpillar excavators wi...

Stolen Caterpillar Excavators Recovered 07/03/2008
Clermont County officials in Ohio, USA, have been called to recover stolen construction equipment for individuals living in a range of counties. The stolen property consisted of a variety of items from Bobcat skid Loaders to Caterpillar Excavators.

It has been reported that allegedly the stolen property was located at a residence in relatively nearby Wilmington.

Caterpillar excavators offer potential usage for a wide range of tasks and jobs. For example, Caterpillar excav...

Conexpo 2008 Features Caterpillar Excavators 07/03/2008
It has been reported that there is a possibility that Caterpillar excavators will be on show at the 2008 Conexpo. Caterpillar excavator manufacturer, Caterpillar Inc. looks set to put on a large array of exhibits, with over 40 machines, including Caterpillar excavators being put on show, including Caterpillar excavators. Aside from Caterpillar excavators, the display will also potentially include Caterpillar bulldozers, as well as soil compacters and asphalt compacters.

It is probabl...

Caterpillar Excavators Lobby On Trade 07/03/2008
It has been reported that the manufacturer of Caterpillar Excavators, Caterpillar Inc., spent approximately three million US dollars throughout 2007. This amount of financial capital was spent by the manufacturer of Caterpillar excavators on lobbying the US government on issues which relate to energy consumption and use, and environmental issues.

It has been suggested that the manufacturer of Caterpillar excavators has lobbied the government on a range of energy-related issues, as we...

Meeting On Welfare Of Indian Excavator Operators 25/02/2008
It has been claimed that a huge number of excavator operators in India do not enjoy security surrounding their workplace, or are entitles to social security benefits.

There has been a joint meeting to discuss the working conditions and rights of Indian excavator operators, with the Karnataka State Construction Workers’ Federation, as well as the Tamil Nadu Construction Workers’ Federation. The meeting was set to improve condition and policies for excavator operators in India, so as t...

Excavator Company Joins Hacia 25/02/2008
The excavator manufacturer, New Holland Construction, has joined the HACIA. The HACIA, or Hispanic American Construction Industry Association works to support construction businesses which are owned by individuals belonging to minority groups, as well as construction businesses owned by women.

Members of the HACIA consist of other excavator manufacturers, as well as a variety of construction companies, and related firms. HACIA functions by increasing business links and contacts and h...

Excavator Removed From River 24/02/2008
An excavator ploughed into the Sugar River in New Hampshire in the USA last week. The excavator had been sent to assist in the removal of a skidder, which had already fallen into the river. The operator of the skidder was still on board when it became submerged in the river, though the driver was able to leave the incident with minor injuries.

The excavator has been removed by the largest crane in North Hampshire, and the whole removal procedure of the excavator took no longer than ...

Komatsu Increases Price Of Excavators 19/02/2008
The Japanese construction manufacturer, Komatsu Ltd is an industry-leader with regards to construction equipment, and is the world’s second largest manufacturer of earthmovers.

Komatsu has suggested that they will raise domestic prices for excavators and other such equipment as a result of rising steel costs in Japan. Prices on Komatsu construction equipment look set to affect Komatsu models of excavators and bulldozers, as well as other equipment.

The last time Komatsu r...

Leading Manufacturer Of Excavators Plans Chinese Expansion 08/02/2008
The global leading manufacturer of excavators has announced that it is considering expanding its operations in China, as well as other rapidly growing markets. It has been claimed by the manufacturer of excavators, Hitachi, that this may assist the company in withstanding a slowdown in global growth.

Globally, it would appear that there is an increased demand for excavators and other construction equipment and machinery, in that so many developing nations are implementing excavators ...

Caterpillar Sees Growth In Chinese Construction Ownership 02/02/2008
Leading excavator manufacturer Caterpillar has announced that it has acquired Shandong, a Chinese company also responsible for the manufacture of excavators. This was ensured through Caterpillar purchasing the remainder of the excavator company, after it already purchased a minority stake so as to support and encourage a growing Chinese customer base of Caterpillar excavators.

As a result of the financial move, Caterpillar as a manufacturer of excavators is now the owner of Shandong, n...

Jcb Launches New Mini Excavators 30/01/2008
Construction giant, JCB has launched a new range of mini excavators, including the 2t 8020, which JCB claims to be the biggest mini excavator on the market which can be towed by a crew cab vehicle. In addition to the mini excavator range by JCB, the manufacturer is set to release a 5.5 tonne mini-excavator, as well as a 6 tonne mini excavator which will be available in the options of zero tail swing and reduced tail swing models. The six tonne model arguably will see the creation of a new weight...

Kobelco Sk210lc Acera Mark 8 Excavator Wins Top Magazine Award 28/01/2008
The Kobelco SK210LC Acera Mark 8 excavator has been awarded the prestige of being included in the Top 50 Rollouts List in 2007 by ‘Better Roads’ magazine. The Kobelco SK210LC Acera Mark 8 excavator has seen an increase in enhanced pace and muscle, and this has led to the excavator receiving a warm welcome from customers and industry moguls alike.

The engine of the Kobelco SK210LC Acera Mark 8 excavator sees a 14 per cent increase in torque, over previous models. The excavator features ...

Hss Hire Ireland Is Largest Hire Company Of Kubota Mini Excavators 23/01/2008
The Irish construction vehicle hire company, HSS Hire Ireland has become the largest hire company offering customers the opportunity to rent Kubota Mini-Excavators. The HSS Hire Ireland company has a total of 48 Kubota construction vehicles, including 23 Kubota mini excavators. The company has large bases in Dublin and Belfast, as well as a company nationwide network of 24 branches and concessions. HSS Hire Ireland stocks the industry leading brand Kubota, and the cabbed mini excavators manufac...

Jcb Mini Excavator And Excavator Million Dollar Us Army Contract 14/01/2008
The industry leading construction vehicle manufacturer, JCB, who are responsible for the manufacture of JCB excavators and mini excavators have, have declared that they have signed a multi-million dollar contract with the US army, to develop a pioneering, and innovative 60 mile per hour excavator, which will offer increased levels of speed and mobility in an excavator. The JCB excavator has been designed with increased pace, functionality and portability in mind, and looks set to be implemented...

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