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Caterpillar Motor Grader Declared Surplus In Nebraska 02/04/2008
It has been reported that within the small location of Nuckolls, that the Nuckolls Country Board have chosen to declare surplus their Caterpillar motor grader so as the County Board can purchase a new replacement John Deere motor grader.

Caterpillar motor graders are manufactured by the leading construction machinery and equipment manufacturer, Caterpillar, and are vehicles which are often used refine the grade which has already been set by a previous machine, such as a bulldozer. Ca...

County Upgrades With Caterpillar Motor Graders 02/04/2008
The governmental agency in Bullock County in the United States has reportedly obtained new equipment, including Caterpillar motor graders by utilising the benefit of leasing the Caterpillar motor graders.

It has been claimed that what the County had previously paid for in repair costs of their previous Caterpillar motor graders, that they were able to save money by leasing the newer Caterpillar motor graders. The Caterpillar motor graders if purchased new would arguably have cost app...

St.francis, Usa To Purchase Caterpillar Graders 02/04/2008
It has been reported that the County Judge of St.Francis County in the USA has allowed the county of St.Francis to purchase a pair of Caterpillar graders. The purchase of the pair of Caterpillar graders looks set to take place over the forthcoming three years, and is estimated to cost approximately $400,000.

It has been reported that the purchase of the Caterpillar graders will see the county of St.Francis initially paying approximately $214,000 for the Caterpillar graders. This paym...

M Series Of Caterpillar Graders Offer Great Upgrades 02/04/2008
The M series range of Caterpillar graders may have been subject to one of the greatest upgrades since Caterpillar began manufacturing Caterpillar graders in 1928. The M series range of Caterpillar graders worked to assist with the simplification of the operation of the Caterpillar grader.

The M series of Caterpillar grader implemented controls which were simplified into two controls. This is arguably the first time such technology has been implemented into a Caterpillar grader.

Largest Champion Motor Grader Announced At Conexpo 02/04/2008
The largest Champion motor grader in the line of Champion motor graders has been announced. It has been reported that the largest Champion motor grader in question will be shown at the ConExpo 2008, which took place in Las Vegas in March.

This specific size of Champion motor grader is available in two models of Champion motor grader. The C110 C Champion motor grader is a tandem drive model, whereas the C116 C Champion motor grader is an all wheel drive model. It has been claimed that...

Strongco Purchases Salesroom Of Champion Motor Graders 02/04/2008
It has been reported that a Canadian salesroom of Champion motor graders, Champion Road Machinery in Brampton, Ontario, has been sold by Volvo Construction Equipment to Strongco.

This sale of the salesroom of Champion motor graders means that Strongco has acquired the sales, rentals, parts and service operations in Ontario. It has been reported that the areas of sales and service of Champion products, including Champion motor graders in a range of locations across Ontario will not be...

Articulation Joints Of Champion Graders 02/04/2008
The majority of motor graders are available in one of two frame types. These frame types include rigid and articulate frame types. Champion graders can employ articulate frame types.

With regards to articulate frame types, there are two possible configurations of articulation joints. Articulation joints of motor graders, including Champion graders can be put into place either at the front of the cab, or behind the cab. When placed behind the cab, it can be suggested that the articul...

New Champion Grader Features Cummins Engine 02/04/2008
A new range of Champion graders have been reported to include the implementation of engines manufactured by Cummins. The Champion graders were unveiled at the ConExpo 2008, which occurred in Las Vegas in March. It is claimed that these vehicles are the largest Champion graders yet. With weights of approximately 24,000 lb, and power of up to 133 hp, these Champion graders certainly do appear to be the largest yet.

The large range of Champion graders which have been released fitted wit...

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