Fiat Allis Bulldozer Used In Burwash Creek 09/04/2008
It has been reported that a Fiatallis bulldozer, as well as a Koehring excavator were used in the mining season of 2000 and 2001 in Tatmagouche Creek, which is located on Burwash Creek in Canada. The Fiatallis bulldozer was used to push tailings around the location of the creek.

The manufacturer of Fiatallis bulldozers, Fiat Allis, is a leading engineering manufacturer and is now part of the New Holland company. As well as Fiatallis bulldozers, New Holland is responsible for the man...

Manufacturer Of Fiat Allis Bulldozers Celebrates 100,000th Item Of Construction Equipment 09/04/2008
The manufacturer of Fiat Allis bulldozers, Fiat Allis, now belongs to the parent company, New Holland. It has been reported that the owner of the manufacturer of Fiat Allis bulldozers, New Holland, celebrated the manufacture of its 100,000th item of construction equipment at Lecce, Italy. The company, who have purchased the manufacturer of Fiat Allis bulldozers in the past, offer a wide array of products, including Fiat Allis bulldozers, and a wide assortment of New Holland wheel loaders. The 10...

Owner Of Fiatallis Dozer Manufacturer Sees Machines Delivered To The Greek Government 09/04/2008
The company which initially manufactured Fiatallis dozers has since become part of the leading construction machinery and equipment manufacturer, New Holland. It has been reported that the now-owner of the manufacturer of Fiatallis equipment had consigned twenty six LB90B New Holland backhoe loaders and twenty two D180LT New Holland dozers to the Greek government.

It has been reported that the machines delivered by New Holland, the company now in charge of Fiatallis dozer technology,...

Caterpillar Dozer Painted In University Colours 01/04/2008
East Carolina University has honoured the retirement of its chairman with a gift of a Caterpillar dozer painted in the colours associated with the university, purple and gold.

The Caterpillar dozer was given to the chairman, Douglas Kruger, after the Caterpillar dozer was hidden behind a bus. The Caterpillar dozer was donated in honour of the retirements of staff of the university, Douglas Kruger and Sue Williams. Alongside the Caterpillar dozer being painted in school colours, an as...

Information Alliance Of Komatsu Dozers And Immersive Technologies 01/04/2008
It has been reported that, Immersive Technologies possess an information alliance with Komatsu, the manufacturer of Komatsu dozers. Immersive Technologies already possess such alliances with companies including Caterpillar Inc., Hitachi Construction Equipment Ltd., and Bucyras Inc. The company looks set to create an alliance with Liebherr Inc.

Komatsu dozers are a popular product of Komatsu Ltd., and are available in a range of popular models of Komatsu dozers. Otherwise known as a b...

Caterpillar To Compete With Komatsu Bulldozers Overseas 31/03/2008
It has been reported that the leading construction manufacturer, Caterpillar, is set to increase sales in China, India and Southeast Asia. Currently, Komatsu, the manufacturer of Komatsu bulldozers is one of the key players in these national industries.

Recently, there was a new release of Komatsu bulldozer. This was the D155AX-6 Komatsu bulldozer. The D155AX-6 Komatsu bulldozer has been designed specifically with ripping and dozing operations in mind. This specific Komatsu bulldozer...

Caterpillar Bulldozers Popular Overseas? 30/03/2008
Although in the United States, Caterpillar bulldozers may not have experienced an abundance of sales in 2007, potentially due to a slow-down in the economy of the United States, it can be claimed that popularity of Caterpillar bulldozers is rising elsewhere.

This is epitomised by the actual sales of Caterpillar equipment, including Caterpillar bulldozers in 2007 with profits of over $12 billion. Predominantly, it has been claimed that the sales were mainly linked to the sales of Cate...

Record Sales Of Caterpillar Bulldozers? 28/03/2008
Caterpillar, the leading manufacturer of construction and agricultural machinery, including Caterpillar bulldozers, has predicted that they will experience a greater level of profits for the coming year. It has been reported that sales and revenues of Caterpillar equipment, which includes a range of Caterpillar bulldozers, will be rising from 5 percent to 10 percent. With this in mind, contradictions arise surrounding the downturn which seems to be taking place in the economies of countries such...

New Range Of Komatsu Bulldozers Revealed 28/03/2008
There has been a new range of Komatsu bulldozers revealed. The D39EX-22 Komatsu bulldozer and the D39PX-22 Komatsu bulldozer have been reported to include 4.5 litre engines. In addition, the D51 EX-22 Komatsu bulldozer and the D51 PX-22 Komatsu bulldozers feature 6.7 litre engines. The monster of the range if the D155AX-6 Komatsu bulldozer offers up to 264 kW 354 HP, in addition to an operating weight of 39.5 kg.

It is not just Komatsu bulldozers which have been added to the range, a...

New Caterpillar Dozer Launched At Conexpo 15/03/2008
The ConExpo 2008 saw a wide range of products being unveiled, including the D7E Caterpillar dozer which will be put into production next year.

The D7E Caterpillar dozer is particularly special as it is the first electric drive Caterpillar dozer which will be put into production next year.

It has been reported that the D7E Caterpillar dozer uses a traditional diesel engine, but rather than powering the tracks via a torque converter, the D7E Caterpillar dozer utilises an ele...

New Komatsu Dozers Launched In United States 12/03/2008
Komatsu are a leading manufacturer of construction machinery and equipment, including Komatsu dozers. Recently, in the United States, a new range of Komatsu dozers was released. The D51EX Komatsu dozer and the D51PX-22 Komatsu dozer offer a new range of features and benefits. These Komatsu dozers include fuel efficient 6.69 litre engines, which have been EPA certified to Tier 3.

The D51 EX Komatsu dozer works as a standard Komatsu dozer, whereas the D51PX-22 dozer model works as a lo...

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