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A roller is a construction vehicle used for compacting, most commonly when building foundations or roads, when soil, concrete or gravel is required to be less porous and more densely structured, so as to increase strength. There are many different types of rollers, ranging from manually operated to huge 20-tonne vehicles. Sometimes the rollers are hollow, so as to facilitate easy transportation from site to site, and are filled with water when necessary to produce the required weight. There are also self-propelled rollers, which can come with between one and three drums.

Rollers for sale in UK

Rollers for sale in UK are available in from a variety of leading manufacturers, including JCB’s Vibromax range, Dynapac, Hamm, Bomag and Caterpillar. They are available in a variety of drum rollers, as well as vibratory plate compactors, which have a large base-plate which vibrates to catalyse a reconfiguration of the sand or soil particles and is used for the creation of level surfaces and precise grades.
Manufacturers design their rollers for sale in the UK around your needs, so whether your priority is performance, economy, speed, safety or comfort, you can be sure there is a machine ideally suited to your requirements.

Used Rollers

Some used rollers are walk-behind, and with the roller drums being vibrated, a small manually operated roller can produce results befitting a much larger piece of equipment. The roller drum will usually contain a hydrostatic motor which is weighted so as to spin freely and create the desired effect. Constructiontradex has rollers for sale which can tackle any job, be it a tandem roller, a trench roller or a vibratory plate compactor. The variety of makes and models means that whatever the specifications, there is a machine equipped to complete the task.
Welcome to ConstructionTradex's Roller page. Search below from thousands of listings to find the exact roller or compactor you need from sellers across the UK, USA, Europe or Asia.

ConstructionTradex provides one of the largest online marketplaces bringing together thousands of buyers and sellers every day. Use our time saving search tool to filter the page to show the exact type of roller or manufacturer of roller that you require. Contact sellers directly, or send your requirements through to our dedicated team who will manually match you with suitable roller and compactor dealers in your area.

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Rollers and compactors are vital pieces of equipment, particularly in the building of roads, and construction of foundations for buildings. Here at ConstructionTradex we make it easy for you find the rollers you need and help you find a seller close to you.

Use our simple search tool to locate sellers in your area and view their listings to find the roller you require.

All across the UK, including Wales and Scotland, as well as Ireland, Constructiontradex has hundreds of sellers of used rollers. Search the database for the make and model that you need, or simply browse through and click on the links that interest you.

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